Fees and Insurance


We believe that every patient has the right to expect the best professional care that we can provide. In turn, we feel that we can expect your cooperation in establishing definite financial arrangements. There are many payment options offered to our patients, and our office manager will be happy to discuss these with you. Our policy is to inform before we perform when it comes to dental fees. Whenever possible, we try to let our patients know what their charges will be before beginning treatment.

For price shoppers:
$ 85 cleaning – 1 hour appointment, normal needs
$898 crown- High end, porcelain (white) fused to high noble metal crown
$142 filling- white composite filling, one-surface, long lasting


We will be happy to work with most dental insurance programs and process your forms at no charge. We will accept assignment of benefits for the portion covered by insurance and will help you make financial arrangements for your personal balance. It is important to remember that dental insurance is designed to offset the costs of your dental treatment. This is a contract between your employer and the insurance company and your benefits are determined by the terms of the contract. It is unusual for all of the charges to be paid by insurance but our business office staff will strive to help you obtain your maximum benefits by prompt and efficient processing of your claims. When questions arise regarding your insurance, please feel free to ask. We will help you in every way possible.

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