Family Dentist, Scottsdale

Dr. Michael S. Barnes’ DDS dentistry office is located in the heart of the Scottsdale Airpark in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are looking for a skilled family dentist or just want to have your teeth whitened quickly and easily, Dr. Barnes offers you a full range of dental care. This includes:

  • Invisalign braces
  • White esthetic teeth fillings
  • Veneers
  • Empress 2 all ceramic crowns
  • Specializing in the Zoom Advance Power Tooth Whitening System.

Your Small Town Dentist with an Uptown Style

Smiling WomanAlthough Dr. Michael Barnes practices in upscale Scottsdale, Arizona, using modern teeth whitening procedures and the latest techniques; he enjoys taking time to talk with you about all of your concerns. Dr. Barnes will say hello to you when you arrive and will never be too busy to just walk into the operatory, do the work and walk out. The courtesy you receive from Dr. Michael Barnes and his staff is unparalleled, and very unusual in today’s dental community.

Dr. Barnes’ Scottsdale staff will file your insurance for you, deal with the insurance companies, see you on time and make you very comfortable from start to finish. The staff is very open, any questions you have about teeth whitening, white fillings or other services will be answered. Of course when it comes to fees Dr. Barnes believes in a fair/honest day’s work, and treating everyone as he himself would like to be treated. Prices are far below normal for the quality of care you receive.

Not since your small town family dentist have you been treated this good!