Family Dentist, Scottsdale

Smiling WomanDr. Michael Barnes was born right here in Phoenix and has been licensed to practice dentistry in our home state for over 17 years. His style is low key and conservative. He believes in providing only the care you need to stay healthy. And to do it at a very high level. Because of his style, Dr. Barnes can save you thousands of dollars on your yearly dental bills. He uses only the best and longest lasting materials while keeping your costs per service average to below average in the industry. The entire idea is to create quality, value, comfort and convenience.


I’ve been to 6 dentists in the last few years. I finally found one to stick with. The office is nice and clean, it isn’t all fancy where you know you’re paying a fortune just for the looks when you walk in. What I like about Dr. Barnes is I don’t have to think. I go in, it is pleasant, he explains what I need and why, it makes sense. I get whatever I need done, it doesn’t hurt and then it isn’t much when I pay the bill so I don’t have to think about that either. I’m in and I’m out. The office is just solid all the way around.” B. Austin

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